HSSE – 6th International Conference on The Human Side of Service Engineering, 2018

Session 1: Advancing Smart Service Systems: The Contributions of AI and the T-Shape Paradigm

Monday, July 23, 2018; 8:00 – 10:00; GRAND CARIBBEAN 5

Session Co-Chairs: Co-Chairs: James C. Spohrer and Clara Bassano, USA/Italy

1. Re-defining the role of artificial intelligence in wiser service systems
Clara Bassano, Jim Spohrer, Paolo Piciocchi and Maria Cristina Pietronudo, Italy

2. An approach for a quality-based test of industrial smart service concepts
Jens Neuhüttler, Dieter Spath, Walter Ganz, Inka Woyke and Sibylle Hermann, Germany

3. Smart services requirements and preferences – a comparison between German and Chinese manufacturing firms
Jens Neuhüttler, Wenjuan Zhang, Ming Chen and Walter Ganz, Germany

4. Smart services in manufacturing companies – Survival of the biggest?
Thomas Meiren and Ilyas Khan, Germany

5. Using digital trace analytics to understand and enhance scientific collaboration
Laura C. Anderson and Cheryl A. Kieliszewski, USA

6. Smart University for sustainable governance in smart local service systems
Clara Bassano, Alberto Carotenuto, Marco Ferretti and Maria Cristina Pietronudo, italy

7. AI trends: Wiser service systems and T-shaped people
Jim Spohrer, USA


Session 2: Innovations in Service Delivery and Assessment

Monday, July 23, 2018; 14:00 – 16:00; GRAND CARIBBEAN 4

Session Co-Chairs:  Freimut Bodendorf and Christian Zagel, Germany

1. Using augmented reality and gamification to empower rehabilitation activities and elderly persons. A study applying design thinking
Oliver Korn, Lea Buchweitz and Adrian Rees, Germany

2. Method cards – an innovative concept for teaching in academia
Zagel Christian and Lena Grimm, Germany

3. The hinge factor – or the limits of probabilities
Josef Loeffl, Germany

4. Correlations between computer-related causal attributions and user persistence
Adelka Niels, Sophie Jent, Monique Janneck and Christian Zagel, Germany

5. Emotionalizing e-commerce pages: Empirical evaluation of design strategies for increasing the affective customer response
Alexander Piazza, Corinna Lutz, Daniela Schuckay, Christian Zagel and Freimut Bodendorf, Germany

6. Interdisciplinary rapid prototyping of an mHealth app suite
Leonhard Glomann and Viktoria Hager, Germany


Session 3 and Panel:  User Experience Design in Inclusive Service Design

Tuesday, July 24, 2019; 16:30 – 18:30; GRAND CARIBBEAN 5

Session Co-Chairs:  Debra Satterfield and Troy Abel, USA

1. Emotional method cards for healthcare workers
Maria Miller, USA

2. Diversity and inclusion in the large enterprise
Christine White, Ronda Caswell and Laura Romero, USA

3. Beyond usability: Making the case for idiosyncratic and marginalized audience participation in mainstream usability research
Troy Abel, USA

4. Inclusion of autistic voices: Strategies to navigate the grey area of informed consent
Andrew Colombo-Dougovito, USA


Best Paper Award Ceremony

Tuesday, July 24, 2019; 18:40; GRAND CARIBBEAN 5