Session Descriptions 2018

Plenary Session 1


Session 2: Gamification in Service Engineering

Session Co-Chairs: Freimut Bodendorf and Christian Zagel, Germany

Session description:

Many new services und service-based business models follow the idea of exploiting “big data” to provide added value to the customer. A lot of research and progress has been made in the corresponding field of service engineering. For example, methods and tools coming from Artificial Intelligence like Machine Learning have been successfully utilized. However, the human side of service innovation is often neglected. Managing business data, controlling analytics, interpreting results, drawing conclusions, etc. are tasks in the context of innovative services that still rely on human decision making. Smart and highly automated data-driven services require human understanding, trust and application knowledge to be accepted and applied in the right way. This session deals with challenges and solutions of service innovation that bring together sophisticated data engineering and related human influencing factors.