HSSE Best Paper Award

An award in the amount of $1,000 (USD) sponsored by The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals – ISSIP has been presented to the authors of the HSSE 2017 best paper.

The paper has been selected by the independent Best Paper Award Committee.

2017 HSSE Best Paper Award Winners: 

Oliver Korn, Florian Brenner, Julian Börsig, Fabio Lalli, Maik Mattmüller and Andrea Müller, Offenburg University, Germany

Defining Recrutainment: A Model and a Survey on the Gamification of Recruiting and Human Resources

Abstract. Recrutainment, a portmanteau of recruiting and entertainment, describes the combination of activities in human resources and gamification. Thus, the transgression of concepts and methods from game design reached on of the most conservative and formalized areas of modern society. While typically focused on the acquisition of new employees or trainees, recrutainment is also applied for internal processes like professional development or even marketing campaigns. This paper’s contribution has four components: (1) we provide a conceptual background, leading to a more precise definition of recrutainment; (2) we develop a new model for analyzing solutions in recrutainment; (3) we present a corpus of 42 applications and use the new model to assess their strengths and potentials; (4) we provide a bird’s eye view on the state of the art in recrutainment and show the current weighting of gamification and recruiting aspects.

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In the first picture from the left:

Oliver Korn (Co-Winner), Christine Leitner (BPAC Chair)

In the second picture from the left:

Wojciech Cellary (HSSE Co-Chair), Clara Bassano (BPAC member), Christian Zagel (BPAC member),  Oliver Korn (Co-Winner), Christine Leitner (BPAC Chair)