HSSE Best Paper Award

An award in the amount of $1,000 (USD) sponsored by The International Society of Service Innovation Professionals – ISSIP has been presented to the authors of the HSSE 2018 best paper.

The paper has been selected by the independent Best Paper Award Committee.


Best paper

Using Augmented Reality and Gamification to Empower Rehabilitation Activities and Elderly Persons. A Study Applying Design Thinking

Oliver Korn, Lea Buchweitz, Adrian Rees, Gerald Bieber, Christian Werner, Klaus Hauer



Patient-Centered Design of an e-Mental Health App

Leonhard Glomann, Viktoria Hager, Christian A. Lukas, Matthias Berking


Honorable mention

Re-Defining the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Wiser Service Systems

Clara Bassano, Jim Spohrer, Paolo Piciocchi, Maria Cristina Pietronudo, Sergio Barile


Honorable mention

Correlations Between Computer-Related Causal Attributions and User Persistence

Adelka Niels, Sophie Jent, Monique Janneck, Christian Zagel


AHFE-HSSE Co-Chair Certificate awarded

In recognition of their 6 years of service to HSSE as Co-Conference Chairs for 5 HSSE-AHFE events, Louis E. Freund and Wojciech Cellary were presented a Certificate “For advancing understanding of the Human-Side of Service Engineering” signed by Jim Spohrer, Director of IBM Cognitive Opentech Group, on behalf on the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals and IBM.


IMG_5092 (2)

Figure. 1. Jim Spohrer (BPAC member), Oliver Korn (BP Co-Winner), Christine Leitner (BPAC Chair)

IMG_5098 (2)

Figure. 2. Jim Spohrer (BPAC member), Clara Bassano (Honorable Mention),
Oliver Korn (BP Co-Winner), Christian Zagel (Honorable Mention), Christine Leitner (BPAC Chair)


Figure 3. Jim Spohrer, Louis Freund, Wojciech Cellary, Christine Leitner


Figure 4. All together